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Include This 1 Easy Thing In Your Next Podcast Pitch To Guarantee A Response

May 09, 2022 Ellen Yin Episode 141
Cubicle to CEO
Include This 1 Easy Thing In Your Next Podcast Pitch To Guarantee A Response
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We have received hundreds, if not THOUSANDS of podcast pitches over the years we have been podcasting, and if there is one thing that we noticed it’s that many of them are just not good! Whether it is someone pitching themselves, or a publicist pitching for their client, the pitches are missing this one big thing that is really eye-catching and warrants a response. Want to guarantee a response to your next podcast pitch and receive a special invite to be a beta tester for our brand new product? Keep listening!

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You're listening to the Cubicle to Ceo Podcast, episode 141. Want to guarantee a response to your next podcast pitch and receive a special invite to be a beta tester for our brand new product? Keep listening. 



Over the years as a podcast host I have received hundreds if not thousands of pitches and unfortunately many of those pitches, whether they were self pitches or whether they were publicists pitching for their clients. We have gotten a lot of bad pitches over the years and I really don't want you all to fall into that same boat and I know that there are a lot of you in our community who may be the perfect next guest for us to feature on our show here. So we want to give you that invitation to pitch us to be on our show but we want to make sure that you have the best chance at success. Not only if you're pitching our show. But if you're pitching any other podcast show. So we actually created a new resource. It's a brand new product called perfect podcast pitch and it is my tried and true perfect podcast pitch email template literally exactly as it sounds. I have created a template for you that you can customize with your own business information or your own brand story. Whatever it is in literally 5 minutes it's so easy to use and it is going to guarantee that if you send out this podcast pitch of ours. I know that you're going to get responses and I know you're going to get your emails read because it is truly so different than I would say 99% of the pitches out there that I have seen and it's really so strategic in the way that it was you know every single sentence in that template has a purpose and a meaning behind it and and the order that things are presented. That's all very strategic and intentional too and I created this template out of a desire as a podcast host on the other side of things seeing so many pitches come in this desire for there to be better pitches so that we can create better content for podcast listeners. So that podcast hosts can have a better experience so that podcast guests can have a better chance at actually landing those features so we're wanting to create a win-win experience all around and just to give you a taste of 1 super simple thing that you can literally implement right away into your pitches today that is going to make a huge difference and help you stand out from your field. Here's this quick tip for you and I know when you guys hear this you're going to think wow this is so simple and obvious and easy are we really sure more people aren't doing this and I'm here to tell you yes like I can literally count on both my hands which you know only got 10 fingers. Can literally count on both hands the number of times over the last three years that a podcast pitch has actually included this very simple, but just you know super standout detail and here's what it is next time you send out your podcast pitch I want you to go to the shows.



Page on Apple Podcast or Spotify because those are the 2 biggest podcast players in our industry and literally take I mean 30 seconds to leave a positive review for their show. A 5 star rating a positive review. Go ahead and screenshot your review. And here's a pro tip on Apple Podcasts once you hit send on your review, it takes sometimes you know up to 48 hours 72 hours for the platform to actually publish your review so before you actually hit send. Um, go ahead and make sure you screenshot it so that you have that screen grab and you're not waiting days before you can find your review actually showing up on that podcast shows page. So go ahead and screenshot your review and rating and attach it to your podcast pitch and do this for every single show that you want to be on. Because here's the thing it shows that not only are you someone who has actually done your research and has clearly listened into the show that you want to be on you'd also be surprised how many people pitch to be on shows that they have never tuned into an episode on and so therefore they have no idea really if their area of expertise or their pitch idea or their content will even resonate with the listeners right? So super important to actually listen to the shows that you want to be on so that you can really make sure that your pitch is effective and tailored towards that audience which again I show you exactly how to do that in a really easy way inside the template that I've created for you but with this super simple tip of attaching a screenshot of your review to your pitch. It's also showing that you are leading with generous action. You are actually showing up from a place of service and saying. Regardless of whether or not I'm a good fit to be a guest on your show I am supporting your show right? I'm showing up for you and now I'm asking if you are willing to show up for me and give me a space on your online platform on your you know your podcast stage for me to share my story and my message and my business. And so I think showing up in that way just creates a totally different energy and it really is going to make your pitch stand out so much because nobody does this nobody thinks to give before they ask to receive and I think that's the biggest takeaway here is. Whenever you are pitching yourself whether it is for a podcast or whether you're pitching yourself to a potential client or whether you're pitching yourself for a partnership or a collaboration. It really doesn't matter what it is, always lead with generous action that is my number one tip for you. 



So go ahead and implement that in your next podcast pitch. Let me know how it goes for you. I know that for us when we receive a podcast pitch that someone has done that for us we are so we are inclined to respond no matter what like even if they end up not being a good fit on our show. They took time out of their day to support our show so we are of course going to reinvest that time back into them right? And thank them for pitching themselves to be on our show and we want to make sure that even if they're not a good fit for our show or maybe the timing isn't right. Um, you know we try our best to see what other ways we can give back to at the very least to respond to their email but sometimes we may even know a show that they would be a good fit for and we have that established relationship. Let's say with the podcast host. So. We make that introduction for them. So we've done all of those you know things before, maybe we've kept their information on file and you know kept them on our shortlist so that when the right opportunity when the right episode comes up where we can actually use their expertise and we want to feature them in that episode. We're able to circle back with them. So. Again when you impress someone right off the bat with something as simple as leading with generous action. You never know where that relationship can take you further down the line. So let me know if you decide to use this tip and if you want to practice pitching our show. Um. Actually I don't know if I don't know if I should give our podcast managers email publicly right here in this episode but we do give it to um to anyone who ends up inside perfect podcast pitch which again is our new brand new digital product where it's my template right? My very short and sweet effective email template that you can plug and play your own information into for your podcast pitches along with a quick under 20 minute training where I walk you through line by line in that template and I tell you exactly why each sentence is placed where it is. Exactly why we've included each line and exactly how to customize the parts that are highlighted to your specific brand, your specific story, your specific business. So here's the invitation for you all if you would like to be a beta tester. For this product for perfect podcast pitch. We are offering it in beta mode for only $10. I'm not sure what the full price will be yet, but it's definitely going to sell for at least double that. So at the very least, you're getting a 50% discount. 



So $10 and in exchange all we are asking is that you be willing to use our template and actually send out two podcast pitches in the next two weeks so from the time that you buy the product. Whatever two weeks is from that date. If you're willing to send out 2 pitches which is literally 1 pitch per week. Nothing. Nothing's strenuous, nothing wild and the template makes it so easy. Like I said you're able to customize that template in under 5 minutes so all you have to do is literally watch a 19 minute training that walks you through the whole template then customize that template in another 5 minutes so all of this can be done in under half an hour and then you just send out that pitch to 2 shows that you want to be on in the next two weeks you can even pitch it to us. I give you the contact information for our podcast manager and where to send your pitch to to make sure it actually lands in the right inbox with all of that information. All of those details are in the product. So when you log into the dashboard you'll be able to see all of that information in 1 of the lesson posts. So if you're willing to do that if you're willing to send out 2 pitches in the next two weeks and give us your feedback so give us your feedback on you know the template itself. How easy it was to use, any feedback that you get from your pitches. So like if someone opens your email if they respond back to your email if you actually even end up landing on a podcast and and. Getting that interview. We want to hear all the feedback. The good, the bad and the ugly. if you are willing to do that for us as a beta tester we would love for you to get access to our perfect podcast pitch for only $10 so if this is of interest to you go ahead and dm us on Instagram, so go to your Instagram type in cubicle to Ceo. That's our podcast instagram and follow us if you're not already because we're offering exclusive content on that page that you can't find anywhere else but make sure you follow us and then dm us and just send us the phrase ‘perfect podcast pitch’. So those 3 words ‘perfect podcast pitch’ if you just send us those 3 words we'll know exactly what you're talking about and my team will follow up with you and just confirm that you're willing to send out those 2 pitches over the next two weeks and give us your feedback and then if you agree to that we'll just send you the private link where you can purchase this product at the beta price for $10.



And I just have to say the value we want this to be a no-brainer for you all right? Not only are you going to save so much time in your future pitches by having a winning template that you know I have personally used to get on some of you know the largest shows in my industry. So I know that this works and I know at the very least, whether you're a good fit or not in the end, like whether or not the podcast host decides that you're going to end up on their show. Your email has a way higher likelihood of actually being read and responded to which is key right to landing more features your email actually needs to get opened and hopefully responded to so. That for sure I know is going to increase for you if you use the template. Um, but you know not only is this a big time saver, my goal for you is that even if you get 1 podcast placement in the next thirty days imagine what that can do for your business right? if. The right client happens to listen into your episode or if someone new discovers your whole world and they join your ecosystem by opting into your email list. What are those results worth to you? Is it more than $10 if you know, getting more leads, and more customers, more followers for your business worth at least $10 to you if so I think that perfect podcast pitch is going to be a great deal for you as a beta tester. So again, if you're interested Dm us the 3 words ‘perfect podcast pitch’ Dm us on Instagram at cubicle to ceo, I'll also make sure to link all of this below in the show notes so that you can just scroll below if you want to do it with ease from there and I am so excited for all of you who decide to be beta testers I can't wait to hear your feedback and I can't wait to read your pitches and hopefully feature more of you from our community on our podcast. We've had a lot of you on our show before but I know there's always room for more and we love using our platform to spotlight you and your stories and the important work that you are doing in this world through your journey as an entrepreneur. So I'm going to wrap up this episode here. No matter what, regardless of whether you decide to be a beta tester or not. Definitely use that tip that I just gave you that number 1 podcast tip to just add a screenshot to your pitch and in the template we cover 5 additional things that are absolutely necessary for you to include in your podcast pitch to make sure that it is read and responded to. Dm us ‘perfect podcast pitch’ and I will catch you in the next episode.