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5 Key Shifts To Take The Suck Out Of Sales Calls [Make $10K Months Series Pt. 4]

May 30, 2022 Ellen Yin Episode 144
Cubicle to CEO
5 Key Shifts To Take The Suck Out Of Sales Calls [Make $10K Months Series Pt. 4]
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In today’s installment of the $10K month series, we are going to talk about 5 key shifts that you can implement TODAY to take the suck out of sales calls. So if you are someone who always dreads getting on a sales call (also known as a discovery call), this is going to be for you! If you are a freelancer, coach, or service provider in specific, who relies on sales calls to turn leads into paying clients, these 5 shifts will massively increase your sales conversion rate. This means you will be able to land more clients with less leads. If you’re ready to make these shifts in your sales calls, then let’s dive in!

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Today's installment of the $10k month series. We are going to talk about 5 key shifts that you can implement today to take the suck out of sales calls. So if you are someone who always dreads getting on a sales call also known as a discovery call, this is going to be for you if you are a freelancer coach or service provider in specific who relies on sales calls to turn leads into paying clients. These None shifts will massively increase your sales conversion rate which means that you'll be able to land more pain clients with less leads. If you don't know what a sales conversion rate is make sure you go back and listen to episode 139 It's actually part 3 of this 10 k month series where we talk about 3 key metrics. You should be tracking in your business every month. To help you reach your income goals. So I will drop the link for episode none below in the show notes for you. So go ahead click that listen to that and then come back to this episode all right Let's dive into shift number one all right shift number one. This is a key shift that will make a huge difference in how you approach sales calls. So if you currently feel slimy icky resistant towards sales calls. It's likely because you feel like your agenda in a sales call is to show up with an agenda and b to convince someone to do something against their will. Am I hitting a nail here? I feel for a lot of people. They feel like they are. They are almost in competition with a person they're on the phone with and they're trying to pull someone or persuade and convince someone to see their worth, see their value. And convince them to do something that they don't actually want to do if you feel like your interests and your client's interests are not aligned. That's a huge problem right? and that goes so much deeper than a sales call. But I think a lot of that ah a lot of that comes from this belief this false belief. It is your goal to convince them in the first place. It's not I'm going to release you of that pressure right now your only purpose on a sales call is actually to be a guide and a guide is not there to push someone in either direction right? A guide is there to help facilitate.



The conversation and to listen, that is key, listen more than you talk and to give someone the information that they need to make a decision which really brings us to shift number 2 your main purpose as a guide is to help someone make a decision period. Now whether that decision is to work with you or whether that decision is to work with someone else is actually irrelevant. Both are wins for you and I'll tell you why because when you help someone make a decision it means that you have been of service to them selling becomes a service when you give someone the. Clarity and the information that they need to confidently decide their next step because when someone can choose their next step it means they are no longer stuck in Place. We've all been in those scenarios where someone is stuck on the fence and honestly it hurts. It hurts everyone right? it hurts you because you kind of feel stuck in limbo with them. But it also hurts ultimately the client because their problem is not being solved at all for as long as they remain stuck in place. But if you give them the gift of clarity and confidence and knowing exactly what their next step is going to be. Whether they've decided that you are the right solution to their problem or whether they've decided something else is the right solution in this season. Both are a win and you have been of service to that client which means that you get to actually approach sales calls or Discovery calls with. Joy rather than apprehension right? because you know that you are giving someone service whether or not they choose to work with you. So those are the 2 key shifts: take on the role of guide. Not ah, not a salesperson. Not someone who needs to Persuade or convince someone you're working with. This person is not against them and also keep in mind your main goal which is to help someone make a clear decision whether or not that decision is to work with you or not to work with you. The goal is to make a decision not necessarily for you to convince them that they should hire you. Now shift number 3 this is going to really help you stand apart and this is to help this is for you to really show up as the expert in the potential client's eyes right? You want to say just a specific solution for whatever problem they came to you with. Now What most people do is when they get on a discovery call. They use the Discovery call time as the time to basically lay out all possible services and offers and basically walk the person through you know, different packages, different services.



Pricing the deliverables honestly, it's so overwhelming and if you are currently using your discovery call time to share all of these nitty gritty details I'm sorry to tell you I think you're doing it wrong, but the good news is it's a really really easy fix. Okay. Your content if your content is designed to convert which is a concept that we talked about in depth in a past installment of this series. So um I can't remember the exact title. But again I will link that episode for you as well in the show notes. So just go ahead and check the show notes for all of our past. 10 k month series installments is part four so there's 3 other episodes before this go ahead and just listen to all of them because they all kind of build on each other. But in particular your content right? It's meant to in summary, it's supposed to move someone through the stages of awareness. And ultimately your content should be painting the picture for someone of what it looks like to work with you right? What can they expect if they hire you? What transformations and results you have created for other people, your current clients, your past clients who have already worked with you. So they should already be pretty clear on the process of what working with you looks like so you don't have to waste time on a discovery call explaining to someone every nitty gritty detail of all of the different potential ways that you could help them. That's not what they're there for. In fact, the more options you send to someone the less likely they are to make a decision. This has actually been scientifically proven that if you give someone too many options I can't remember the exact statistics but basically the finding was that if you give someone too many options like if you place in front of a potential shopper too many products. They actually spend less money than if you gave them less options. It's because the information overload can be very overwhelming and it creates confusion and indecision. So when you show up with an olicart menu. And you lay out all the possible ways you could help someone. It's actually not very helpful to that person. What you want to do instead is suggest a specific solution or service based on what they have already communicated to you. So ideally, if someone's on a sales call or a discovery call with you. They should have already filled out an intake form or a client application form. This is something that we teach inside my twelve month mentorship program for service, providers, coaches and freelancers, we go in depth into exactly what questions need to be on your application form which is the lead generator in the.



Sales machine that we teach inside that program. But if you don't currently have a form that someone's filling out before they get on a call with you. That's an easy fix that you can also implement right away and it's important to do this because. Collecting that information is going to save you a time on the call from asking questions that you could have easily done the research on ahead of time but also it allows you to better guide that conversation and know what to ask? what to ask for clarification on and how to dig a little deeper to really pull out the needs of that specific client. Right? You should already have pre-filtered them so that you know what their budget is, you know, exactly what their needs are, you know how they define a successful outcome if they hire you for this service and based on all of that you can then. You personally in your head mentally can filter through all the potential ways that you could help them and determine as the expert which service is actually going to be the best fit for them. That's going to create the best results based on what this client wants and if you can show up and give them that very specific suggestion. They are going to feel so much more confident in investing in you because you have cut out so much of the legwork for them and you've told them look I have experience working with clients in your situation I have experienced producing the results that you're looking to achieve. And based on what you've told me based on your budget, your needs, your timelines, all of these other factors that I've sat here and listened to you today. This is what I believe would be the best way for us to move forward. This is what I recommend to you and then now the ball is in their court and they get the autonomy to decide whether or not that solution is going to be. The decision that they are going to move forward with. But ultimately you have given them a clear path as to what's next so that is shift number 3 make sure you are suggesting a specific solution instead of laying out every single way that you can help someone now shift number 4 is. Actually going to happen at the beginning of the call. So this is not necessarily in a specific order. These are just None key shifts that you can implement into your sales calls. So the fourth shift is actually to preframe the call by clearly outlining what they should expect in the flow of the call. This is really important because by setting expectations upfront it puts people at ease if people know what to expect? They don't feel taken by surprise they don't feel taken advantage of.



When they know exactly what to expect you want to make sure that right from the get go you and your potential client are on the exact same page. It also allows you to make more efficient use of your time. So neither one of you have a runaway train of thought that derails the entire conversation. So. In my program in cubicle to Ceo. We actually teach you how to align with your client right? off the bat literally within the first thirty seconds of the call get that micro confirmation from them and start out on a positive note with our none easy yes, talk about this a little bit more in my free masterclass as well. So if you have not watched my ten K month masterclass make sure you take some time this week and watch that 60 minute masterclass it is going to radically change how you approach making your first ten thousand dollars month from a None on one service and of course that link will be for you in the show notes or you can just type into your phone or your computer Ellen Yin Dot Com Slash get clients again that link will be below for you in the show notes as well. But anyways you can go into. That masterclass or if you decide to join our program. We'll give you literally like line by line exactly how to guide a discovery call. All of our best scripts will even give you a real life example of a discovery call in session so you can watch how it works. But the most important thing I want you to digest and implement right now is to set clear expectations from the get-go so as soon as you get on the call. Of course you can, you know, make your greetings and any small talk that you want but it's important for you to set forth. This is how we are going to spend you know our 15 minutes 20 minutes 30 minutes together however long the duration of your discovery call is which by the way I typically would keep that call between None and 30 minutes I really don't think you need anything longer than 30 minutes to you know to guide them to make that decision. If. It's taking you way longer than 30 minutes every time I think that more so points to a problem that perhaps your content isn't doing the right job of preparing them for that call or your client client intake form isn't doing the job of collecting the information you need ahead of time so that's another bonus tip. I will throw in there but again preframe expectations outline the flow of the call so they know exactly what to expect and you can be on the same page the whole time. The fifth and final shift I want you to implement into your sales calls that's going to remove the suck and infuse the fun back.



Into sales is to make sure that you end the call right? The end of the call is just as important as the beginning of the call. Make sure you end the call with clear next steps and what each person is responsible for at the conclusion of the call so you never want to just kind of leave it. The conversation hanging in the air like all right? Well, it was great chatting with you. Let me know what you think, right? something very general like that is not going to be the best way to ensure that this process keeps moving forward and that they actually do make that decision within a timely manner so you want to give them clear next steps of. What's going to happen after the call so same as at the beginning of the call you pre-framed their expectations for what that call flow or structure would look like at the end of the call they should leave that call knowing exactly what to expect from you and what you also in turn expect from them and what's really important here is to assign. Timelines right to assign dates for follow up for whatever next steps or expectations you have whether you for example, if you're sending them a proposal the official outline of exactly what you discussed on the call. Perhaps you give them the expectation of within 24 hours of our call. You will be receiving an email from me with the. Official proposal with all of the deliverables that we discussed here on this call and if you'd like to move forward. Um, please sign or confirm that right in the next twenty four hours after receiving my proposal or by Friday or whatever that looks like it's important that you give a date to the action. So that there is no ambiguity about what either None of you should do next and this is so important and even. Though it might feel a little bit foreign to you to be that direct. It actually puts your client or your potential client I should say at ease because again people don't know what to expect when they're given too many options. It's not actually helpful to this person right? It's very overwhelming. You want to guide this person as much as possible and tell them this. This is what this is what to do next and then they can from that point make that decision of whether or not they want to, you know, move forward with that or. Follow through on that. But if you can help guide them and reduce the friction there in the decision making it's going to make the experience so much smoother and so much better for both of you. So I hope that these five key shifts really help you in taking the suck out of the sales calls and placing service back into sales.



Selling truly should feel like a service when you show up as a guide and you really take on that role of how can I help you make your next step. Whatever that next step is, so if you found this episode helpful. Make sure you screenshot and share it to your stories tag us @cubicletoceo and let us know what you think was your biggest takeaway which of these None shifts. Are you going to apply on your next sales call? Let us know in the Dms please send us a message. It means the world to us when we hear from you and keep us updated on how your sales calls go, how your sales conversions go up and again. Remember to listen to episode 139 if you don't know what your current sales conversion rate is or even better just skip over to our freemasterclass clientents and in that masterclass I actually take you through 3 money making equations I call it my money math. And 1 of those equations is actually going to tell you exactly what your sales conversion rate is so we'll actually calculate that stat together. So you're super crystal clear on where you stand and what room you have for improvement all right. Everyone, I will catch you in the next episode. Thanks for listening in.