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Are You Multi-Passionate? Actor Julia Campbell Karnes Shares How To Start A New Career At Any Age

August 29, 2022 Ellen Yin featuring Julia Campbell Karnes Episode 157
Cubicle to CEO
Are You Multi-Passionate? Actor Julia Campbell Karnes Shares How To Start A New Career At Any Age
Show Notes

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Today’s guest is one of my favorite people - and biggest cheerleaders of our community - actor Julia Campbell Karnes. I first met Julia through her sister, Marty Fulford - my real estate agent and also friend. 2022 happens to be my 10 year high school reunion AND the 25th anniversary of comedy classic “Romy and Michele’s High School Reunion”, so I thought, what better way to celebrate both occasions than inviting Julia - who plays mean girl Christie Masters opposite Lisa Kudrow & Mira Sorvino’s titular characters - over to our coworking space in Oregon for a movie night and live podcast interview?

In this episode, we take a departure from our usual revenue driven, case study format, but you’ll still gain so much value from her interview. Julia candidly shares her unconventional path to landing roles on dozens of TV’s most beloved shows and how she pursues multiple passions simultaneously as the lead marketing role in her family’s business as well. We get vulnerable about the unique challenges women face in both real business and show business - like ageism and sexism - and why it’s never too late to start a new career path or interest.

You’re going to love Julia as much as I do by the end of this episode. Enjoy this live recording with audience Q&As at the end!

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