Cubicle to CEO

Would You Merge Your Business With A Friend's? These Two Pulled It Off In 108 Days

October 03, 2022 Ellen Yin featuring Emily Hall + Heather Sager Episode 162
Cubicle to CEO
Would You Merge Your Business With A Friend's? These Two Pulled It Off In 108 Days
Show Notes

We're excited to share our very first merger case study on the show - specifically, how Emily Hall, a presentation designer, and Heather Sager, a speaking coach, merged their two existing successful businesses into one - all in 108 days - that’s barely over 3 months, to put things into perspective. The Speaker Co. is a presentation company focused on helping entrepreneurs create and deliver obsession-worthy presentations that make people fall head over heels for them and their offers. Anchored by its flagship program, The Speaker Society, The Speaker Co serves entrepreneurs with consulting and design services in the The Speaker Studio and through a range of in-person and virtual events.

In our candid conversation, you’ll get to hear the month-by-month timeline of how the 108 days of this merger played out from initial idea to the pair’s public launch. If you’re entering or thinking about entering into any sort of business partnership, whether affiliate, joint venture, merger, or co-founding, listen to Emily and Heather’s tell-all for a crash course on what to avoid and what works.

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