Cubicle to CEO

The Reality of Making $250,654 In 90 Days & My First Six Figure Month (Q1 2021 Income Report)

April 26, 2021 Ellen Yin Episode 91
Cubicle to CEO
The Reality of Making $250,654 In 90 Days & My First Six Figure Month (Q1 2021 Income Report)
Show Notes

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We are back at it again, friends! I can’t believe we are on our third year of talking about how much money we make and sharing it with the world. You guys have made it known how the transparency of our numbers, and our willingness to talk about this typically ‘taboo’ topic, has been beneficial for you guys to hear. So as long as you guys are loving it, I plan to keep sharing all of it with you!

A lot has happened in this last quarter and I think hearing all of the highs and lows of my business in the past 90 days will show you the actions you need to take sometimes as an entrepreneur with a growth mindset! It can be difficult to have to consciously make decisions knowing you won’t see the same growth that you’re used to seeing. But when it comes to revitalizing the backend health of your business, those are the moves you have to make in order to create a business that will be sustainable and scalable for years to come.

Stick around to hear how my role as CEO has changed, why we had to reevaluate our Facebook ad strategy, and how I had my highest revenue generating and lowest profit generating numbers come from the same month. Let’s dive on into this, shall we?

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